1. sing your song

It really is extremely simple. Just pick a style and tempo then sing along to the metronome. Jam detects your pitch, key and song structure, then generates a completely original song around your vocal performance. You can sing anything you like. No two songs are ever the same!

  • Metronome
  • Tempo settings
  • Jam tips
  • Style picker

2. publish it

Once you are happy with your songs and you are ready to share them with the World, you can publish them to the Jam charts where people can vote for them and you can earn Jam royalties.

3. get badges and Royalties

Royalties can be used to unlock new musical styles in Jam. You can also earn badges such as the “Top 10” badge for hitting the top 10 in the charts to get bonus royalties!

4. share SONGS,

Share your songs with your fans on Jam or with your friends on Facebook. The more people that listen to and “like” your songs the higher they will climb in the charts and the more royalties you’ll earn.

5. get signed, become a legend

If your songs become popular and/or you attract lots of fans you might gain the interest of Jam record labels. Being signed to a record label increases your royalty earning potential and gains you more exposure.